Amazon Marketplace launches in the Netherlands

Amazon has officially launched their marketplace in the Netherlands, bringing to a total of 14 Amazon marketplaces worldwide.  Prior to this announcement, Amazon only offered e-books and e-readers.  Now other different categories such as consumer electronics, toys , fashion and DIY are open for business and will present a tough competition to local players.

The Dutch ecommerce industry had long anticipated the arrival of Amazon. These rumors gained strength more recently,  specially the platform announced it was opening up to external vendors.

Dutch rivalry

By far the largest online retailers of the Netherlands,, reacted by launching a fashion category on its website, while lowering the commission fees in other product categories.  It is expected that other local players will follow suit.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime also started being offered to Dutch customers at 2.99 euro per month subscription. Like all Prime memberships, it enables subscribers to get free delivery on any order size for goods sold and shipped by Amazon.  Subscribers also get streaming service Prime Video, free games with Twitch and unlimited photo storage with Amazon Photos.