Best Products To Sell During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic exposed a lot of holes in the way our society currently functions and the systemic challenges we were not fully prepared for. That means that as we get through this dark time, we will come out on the other side with some big, game-changing alteration to our way of life. We will have a better idea of our needs and many entrepreneurs will dive headfirst into finding and providing solutions to these newly exposed shortcomings, increasing sales for the many products of necessity.

2020’s particular events have shown that products that were once highly popular are currently taking a back seat, while demand for others, that did not feel like a necessity, has suddenly increased. If you are an owner of an internet store, you likely wish to know which items are presently the most in-demand by the public to help you focus on driving your internet store sales.

Covid19 Bestselling products

If so, here is a prepared list of the best products to sell during the Covid-19 pandemic and the reasons to do so.


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If you feel like half of your time is spent in video conferencing, you are not alone. Most are turning to video calling to meet the work from home requirements. That huge spike in the use of Zoom, Google Meets, and other video conferencing platforms has caused webcams to not just become a hot ticket item, but to sell out.

That is not the only thing that caused a spike in webcams. As most schools closed their doors for the school year, entire grades were forced to rapidly adapt to remote learning. With multiple virtual class meetings a week, the demand for webcams ballooned even more.

With the older segment of the population being more at risk from the virus than the youth, many senior citizens were left to their own devices, knowing it might be some time before they see their family members. Grandparents were especially hard hit as they needed some way to connect with their kids and grandkids. Webcams were there to provide the ability to stay in visual contact throughout this challenging time in that case as well.

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Gym Equipment

There are a lot of people whose day begins with an early morning trip to the gym. It is their own personal routine that helps kick off their day the right way. But with the quarantine in place, most gyms have closed their doors, and even those that were permitted to reopen did so in a very limited capacity. Many don’t know when the gyms will be available for public use again, and when they are, when it will be generally safe to attend them.

With gyms being out of the picture for an undetermined amount of time, the vast demand for gym equipment has skyrocketed. With people being at home a lot more, there has never been a better time to dedicate time to self-development and getting in better shape. For some, going for a daily jog works just fine, for others, it helps to have useful equipment on hand to motivate people to exercise more often while confined to their homes. With such a drive for self-betterment, gym equipment has become a product that people are purchasing left and right.

The demand is not only for large gym machines either. Resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, and even yoga mats have seen a big uptick.

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Protective Equipment (Disposable Gloves, Facemasks, Hand Sanitizers,etc.)

A spike in demand that has come as a surprise to no one is for equipment that has been deemed as protective against contracting the COVID-19 virus. This demand is not only predictable, it’s entirely understandable and is by far the category that has experienced an uptick in demand. People are seeking to protect themselves, their families, and their fellow man.

These days it is tough to find a place you would be able to enter without a face mask (nor should you want to), and most are not crazy about the idea of touching commonly handled equipment with their bare hands. Research has shown that the coronavirus survives on surfaces for hours at a time, so handling anything from door handles to gas pumps comes with its own inherent risk of infections.

When the pandemic first took its grip, face masks were nearly impossible to find. Now they are sold in almost every physical and internet outlet, making their production and sale an incredibly profitable business. Stores are stocking up too. They need to make masks available for customers who may not have shown up with one.

Hand sanitizers for people to clean their hands after being in a public place have also increased in demand. Hand sanitizers have generally been a popular item, but arguably never before to the extent that it is now.

Outdoor Furniture and Equipment

With such limited options of destinations to go outdoors, many find themselves contemplating any way to get fresh air and spend time with others in person, but at a safe distance. Those lucky enough to have patios, yards, lawns, and decks have zeroed in sprucing up their outdoor spaces to safely get fresh air and entertain small numbers of the socially distant company.

One of the biggest struggles for parents who are working from home is how to entertain the kids during the workday. Sales of outdoor play equipment (slides, swings, jungle gyms, etc) have also increased due to this need to keep the little ones occupied.

Dishwashing Supplies

Sellers of dishwashing supplies have also seen a steady increase in sales. With many restaurants being either closed or operating in a limited capacity, there is a lot more cooking and ordering out taking place. That means people are using a lot of their own dishes for serving food, causing the sinks to pile up and dishwashers to require running daily.

This has increased the demand for dishwashing supplies to accommodate the significant increase in the number of dishes and silverware that require cleaning. Soap runs out faster, sponges wear quicker, and dishwasher powders and pods don’t last as long as they typically do.

Pet Supplies

While people do have a lot of concerns about what they would need more of during the COVID-19 quarantine, they also think about their pets. A significant percentage of households have at least one pet, and those pets need certain supplies, sanitary equipment, food, and things to help them deal with the excitement of their owners being at home with them so much.

With the uncertainty of the supply chain, many owners have been stocking up on products for their pets to help them last. Food is chief among those of course, but as are toys, food containers, cleaning and grooming supplies, and for those with furry friends, lint cleaning supplies.

Shaving and Grooming Gear

With many barbershops and hair salons among businesses that are temporarily closed due to COVID-19, there has been an increase in sales of shaving and grooming equipment. With no professionals to go to, people are turning to DIY shaving and groom methods to keep up their appearances.

Many require this not just for themselves but for other family members, including kids. As the summer months grow into full swing, people currently sporting lion’s manes instead of haircuts are looking to trim those locks to deal with the hotter weather.

Companies selling shaving razors and blade replacements are also doing great business. At the risk of supply potentially running dry, no one wants to risk not being able to shave their facial or body hair for extended periods of time.

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Cooking and Baking Items

The absence of restaurants has put new importance on learning how to cook. It has also given people a reason to revive an age-old tradition of consistent home cooking. This comeback has been massive. In fact, Google searches for various recipes have skyrocketed. People are actively seeking new varieties of old classics including (but not limited to) chicken recipes, banana bread, meatloaf, brownies, pancakes, and desserts.

All of this home cooking has required people to stock up on kitchen equipment, pots, pans, and various other cooking and baking paraphernalia. This has boosted sales for many outlets supplying a wide variety of such products.

Office Supplies and Equipment

As the world’s workforce has moved to remote work, people have found a need to increase the efficacy of their working spaces. Many did not even have a dedicated working space at home simply because there was never a need for one. Offices provide everything from printers, paper, and computer accessories to comfortable chairs and convenient desk spaces.

Those suddenly thrown into remote work needed some semblance of feeling like they were in the office environment. Consider the true comfort of the chair you sit on for work. Is it a comfortable office chair? Probably not. It’s likely a chair from your dining room or a smaller chair not meant for extensive use. What about the desk? When using a computer at home casual users are typically doing so from dining room tables or their laps. This could make for some very long, uncomfortable days of work.

It is no wonder that Google searches for office desks are up more than 80% while searches for office chairs are up 70%. Keyboards, mice, and other smaller supplies have also seen a quadrupling increase in interest in sales, making for some very happy office supplies sellers.


Let’s be real, some of us love to go shopping for clothes while some just by those things that are necessary. Those longing for the regularly underappreciated experience of browsing stores for clothes have turned to internet sellers where they have a vast marketplace stock full of options for picking out clothes.

This has led to a rise in clothing subscription services like Amazon’s Wardrobe, Stitch Fix, Trunk Club as well as an overall increase in the number of sales of clothing, undergarment items, and shoes.