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Controlling your brand in the age of Amazon


Controlling your brand in the age of Amazon

Brands of all sizes are feeling the impact of Amazon, especially if they are paying attention to their customer’s buying patterns. Amazon continues to add millions of third-party sellers to its marketplaces and hundreds of millions of products to its catalogue.  But many of these sellers are not authorized by the manufacturer of the products they sell. This can disrupt a brand’s established distribution strategy, creating channel conflict and frustration for both the brand and authorized brick-and-mortars.

As a result, brands can no longer ignore the fact that their products will find a way onto Amazon’s marketplace and should adjust their strategy to the new environment at play. Selling on Amazon requires to consider how much control the brand has around pricing, branding, inventory levels, selection available in the catalogue, advertising activities on Amazon, and how much daily involvement the brand needs to have to manage these activities. Our team can help brand executives to devise a brand policy as well as implement and manage standards to ensure consistency.

Hire an Amazon advisor

AMZ Paragon offers advisory services to senior brand leadership teams, looking at the big question of how brands can integrate Amazon into their overall channel management strategy. We address key issues around how to control which sellers represent you on Amazon, and how your branding and retail pricing are managed more carefully. We pinpoint your specific challenges and tradeoffs that you need to address to be in control of your brand on the Amazon marketplace.

We offer advisory services through either a half-day, in-person workshop at the brand’s headquarters or by phone consultation.

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